The Hawaiʻi State Public Charter School Commission (“Commission”) is the sole authorizer for charter schools in the state of Hawaiʻi. Our goal is to ensure that students and their families in Hawaiʻi have access to quality education, through effective oversight.

As the authorizer of public charter schools in Hawaiʻi, the Commission provides an additional layer of public accountability over and above the public charter school’s independent governing board. This additional layer of accountability is captured through each public charter school’s charter contract with the Commission.

Contract Compliance for Renewal

Each public charter school governing board has a contract with the Commission (the state of Hawaiʻi). As the authorizer, near the end of the public charter school’s current contract, the Commission must make decisions on whether or not to renew their charter contract based on evidence of the school’s performance over the term of their current contract.

The Commission conducts compliance monitoring, which includes reviewing school performance as it pertains to the charter contract by conducting site visits, interviews with staff and governing board members, and review of other evidence. In addition, Commission staff review the independent audits of each public charter school annually to ensure fiscal responsibility and financial viability.

Should a public charter school fail to meet its obligations under their charter contract to comply with applicable laws, rules, policies or procedures, and performance expectations set in the charter contract, the Commission will intervene pursuant to the charter contract intervention protocol and/or via Chapter 302D, Hawaiʻi Revised Statutes.

Below you will find Commission oversight actions from contract renewals to the reconstitution of school governing boards to the revocation of a school’s charter.

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