Aloha and welcome to the Commission staff page. Our office is made up of five teams. Please review the information below to see which Team could best help you.

The Achievement Team provides each charter schools with guidance and support to execute their mission and vision. The Achievement Team is made up of 3 teams; Guidance & Innovation, Federal Programs, and Early Learning.

The Operations Team provides high level fiscal services to public charter schools that are customer-focused and which uphold state and federal fiduciary requirements and regulations and generally accepted accounting principles.

The Performance Team monitors school compliance with the charter contract through communication and assessment of data. The Performance Team also deals with contract renewals and the applications process for new charter schools.

The Services Team was created to assist Hawaiʻi Public Charter Schools. Fondly identified as the "customer service" branch of the office, the Services Team provides charter schools with information and resources on day-to-day school operations. The Services Team also deals with complaints. If you have a complaint, please visit the complaints page which explains the process but if you have an urgent matter please call (808)586-3775 to speak to someone immediately.

Interim Executive Director/Executive Team

Interim Deputy Director/Executive Team & Achievement Team Chair

Finance & Operations Director/Executive Team

Executive Assistant to the Executive Director/Executive Team

Services and Communications Team Chair

Services and Communications Specialist

Accountant/Operations Team

Payroll and Human Resources Specialist/Operations Team

Office Manager/Fiscal Specialist/ Operations Team

Performance Specialist/Performance Team

Performance Specialist/Performance Team

Early Learning Program Director/Achievement Team

Early Learning Specialist/Achievement Team

Early Learning Instructional Coach/Achievement Team

Early Learning Instructional Coach/ Achievement Team

Early Learning Administrative Assistant/Achievement Team

Innovation, Impact, and Improvement Advisor/Achievement Team

Innovation, Impact, and Improvement Advisor/Achievement Team

Federal Programs Fiscal Manager/Federal Programs/Achievement Team

Education Specialist/Federal Programs Team

Services & Compliance Specialist