Governing Boards

Each Hawaiʻi public charter school is governed by its respective governing board, the independent board that is party to a charter performance contract with the State Public Charter School Commission. The governing board is responsible for the financial, organizational, and academic viability of the charter school and implementation of the charter.

Charter School Governing Boards

Hawaiʻi Charter School Governing Boards are described in detail in Hawaiʻi Revised Statutes 302D-12. As detailed in their charter contract with the authorizer, each independent board of a public charter school:

  • Is responsible for the financial, organizational, and academic viability of the charter school and implementation of the charter;
  • Possesses the independent authority to determine the organization and management of the school, the curriculum, and the method of instructional delivery model as outlined in the terms of the charter contract between the authorizer and the school governing board;
  • Shall ensure its school complies with the terms of the charter contract between the authorizer and the school;
  • Has the power to negotiate supplemental collective bargaining agreements with exclusive representatives of their employees and is considered the employer of charter school employees for purposes of Chapters 76, 78, and 89; and
  • Ensures compliance with applicable state and federal laws.

​Governing Board Composition

Governing Board members should:

  • Provide the governing board with a diversity of perspective and a level of objectivity that accurately represent the interests of the charter school students and the surrounding community;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of best practices of non-profit governance; and
  • Have backgrounds in work related to financial, education, legal and leadership. Experience in academic management and organizational management, as well as human resource and fundraising are desirable as well.

When identifying potential Governing Board members and in order to comply with all related state Ethics guidelines, the charter school Governing Boards must follow HRS 302D-12(1), which states:

  • No more than one-third of the members of a governing board can be employees or relatives of employees of the charter school under the jurisdiction of that governing board.
  • No employee or relative of an employee of a charter school may serve as the chair of the governing board of that charter school unless the State Public Charter School Commission grants an exemption based upon a determination that it is in the best interest of the charter school.

​Does the Sunshine Law apply to governing boards?

No. Governing boards are exempt from Chapters 91 and 92, as noted in HRS 302D-12(h) However, governing boards must make available their meeting notices, agendas, and minutes.

​Governing boards must make meeting notices and agendas available at least six calendar days before a public meeting on the board's or charter school's website. Notices and agendas also need to be publicly accessible at the board's or the SPCSC's office during regular business hours.

​Governing boards are required to make their minutes available within sixty calendar days after the public meeting or five calendar days after the next public meeting, whichever is sooner. The minutes must be posted at a publicly accessible area in the school's office so the minutes are available for review during regular business hours and on the school's website.

How do I contact a charter school's governing board?

Governing boards are required to maintain a list of the current names and contact information of the governing board's members and officers on the board's or charter school's website and in the board's office during regular business hours. Below, is a list of our charter schools with a link to the governing board section of their website.

SchoolLink to governing board website
Alakaʻi O Kauaʻi Public Charter SchoolAlakaʻi O Kauaʻi Board
Connections Public Charter SchoolConnections Charter School Governing Board
DreamHouse ʻEwa BeachDream House Governing Board
Hakipuʻu Learning CenterHakipuʻu Governing Board
Hālau Kū MānaHālau Kū Māna Governing Board
Hawaiʻi Academy of Arts & Science Public Charter School

HAAS Governing Board

Hawaiʻi Technology AcademyHTA Governing Board
Innovations Public Charter SchoolInnovations Governing Board
Ka ʻUmeke KāʻeoKa ʻUmeke Kāʻeo Governing Board
Ka Waihona o Ka Naʻauao Public Charter SchoolKa Waihona o Ka Naʻauao Governing Board
Kamaile Academy Public Charter SchoolKamaile Academy Board
Kamalani AcademyKamalani Governing Board
Kanu O Ka ʻĀina New Century Public Charter SchoolKanu O Ka ʻĀina Governing Board
Kanuikapono Public Charter SchoolKanuikapono Governing Board
Kaʻōhao SchoolKaʻōhao Governing Board
Kapolei Charter School by GoodwillKapolei Governing Board of Directors
Kawaikini New Century Public Charter SchoolKawaikini Governing Board
Ke Ana LaʻahanaKe Ana Laʻahana Governing Board
Ke Kula ʻO Nāwahīokalaniʻōpuʻu Iki Lab Public Charter SchoolNāwahī Papa Alakaʻi
Ke Kula ʻo Samuel M. Kamakau Laboratory Public Charter SchoolKamakau Governing Board
Ke Kula Niihau O KekahaKKNOK Papa Alakai
Kihei Charter SchoolKihei Local School Board
Kona Pacific Public Charter SchoolKona Pacific Governing Board
Kua O Ka Lā Public Charter SchoolKua O Ka Lā Board of Directors

Kualapuʻu Charter School

Hoʻokākoʻo Board Members

Kula Aupuni Niihau A Kahelelani Aloha (KANAKA) Public Charter SchoolKANAKA Board and Policies
Laupāhoehoe Community Public Charter SchoolLCPCS Governing Board
Mālama Honua Charter SchoolMālama Honua Governing Board
Myron B. Thompson AcademyMBTA Meetings and Agendas
Nā Wai Ola Public Charter SchoolNā Wai Ola Governing Board
SEEQS:The School for Examining Essential Questions of SustainabilitySEEQS Governing Board Information
University Laboratory SchoolUniversity Lab Governing Board
Volcano School of Arts & SciencesVolcano School Governing Board
Voyager Public Charter SchoolVoyager School Governing Board
Waiʻalae Elementary Public Charter SchoolWaiʻalae Charter School Governing Board
Waimea Middle SchoolWaimea Middle School Governance
West Hawaiʻi Explorations AcademyWHEA Governing Board