On Thursday, July 13, 2023, the State Public Charter School Commission (Commission) moved to appoint the following individuals to the reconstituted governing board of Kamalani Academy:

  1. Brad Foster

  2. Matthew Thomas Brock Huddleston

  3. Tara Aumoana Kanakaole-Lato

  4. Steve Nakasato

  5. Anita Solmirin-Ganon

The Commission reviewed applications from the five (5) individuals who expressed interest in serving on the school’s reconstituted governing board. Being a member of a governing board of a public charter school is a volunteer, unpaid, position of public trust and fiduciary responsibility to the State of Hawaiʻi. Board members are responsible for ensuring the quality of the school's educational, financial, and organizational plans. Board members must be competent stewards of public funds, and must ensure the school fulfills its public obligations and all terms of its Charter Contract. The appointment of this new governing board follows the Commission’s decision at its May 25, 2023 General Business Meeting to offer Kamalani Academy a two-year contract with the following conditions:

  1. The Commission will conduct a reconstitution of the governorning board as outlined in Hawaiʻi Revised Statutes (HRS) 320D-17;

  2. Kamalani Academy will submit a baseline evaluation of the school director conducted by the reconstituted governing board with a report to the Commission on the result of the evaluation;

  3. Kamalani Academy will submit monthly financial reports;

  4. Use the contract frameworks monitoring tool to demonstrate evidence of a working effective student record keeping system.

​The Commission looks forward to working with the Kamalani Academy community and the reconstituted governing board.