Mālama Honua Public Charter School celebrated the achievements of its 5th graders with a series of milestone events, highlighting their journey and growth through the portfolio defense which started in March, as well as sailing training, and the Kīhei ceremony in May. These activities embody the school's commitment to cultivating the "mind of the navigator" in its students, combining academic learning with cultural and practical experiences. To see the students in action and learn more about their experiences, click on this link to watch the video story.

The 5th-grade portfolio defense is a cornerstone of Mālama Honua's educational approach. Students present and defend their body of work, demonstrating their learning and growth. This rigorous process requires extensive research, writing, and presentation skills. Students reflect on their journey, highlighting specific experiences and how they embody the six "mind of the navigator" skills: confident cultural identity, civic responsibility, communication and collaboration, ethical problem-solving, environmental awareness, and global perspective.