Dear Parents and Families:

We write to notify you that the Commission has been advised by the Department of the Attorney General that any students who still are reporting to Hālau Lōkahi at this point are not attending public school.

We have notified Hālau Lōkahi’s governing board of this fact, and we urge you once again in the strongest terms to act immediately to enroll your student in a school where he or she hopefully still will be able to earn academic credit for this semester, or, if you prefer, to submit the paperwork to home-school your student.

Again, the Commission has posted information about transfer options online. There you can find information about your Department of Education (DOE) home school and other possible options for the remainder of this semester. Even if some of the options that were available when we first contacted you two months ago are no longer available for this semester, DOE and charter schools are beginning now to admit and enroll students for the coming academic year.

As a reminder, home-schooled students in grades one through eight generally can transfer back into public school at the grade assigned to their age, but an evaluation may be required to ensure the grade placement is appropriate. High school students can be home-schooled too, but it is important to remember that home-schooled students do not earn credit toward a public high school diploma. To opt for home-schooling, you must complete the OCISS Form 4140, Exceptions to Compulsory Attendance, and submit the form to the Hālau Lōkahi governing board. If you wish to have your home-schooled student participate in the Statewide Testing Program, you will need to contact your DOE home school.

We again welcome you to contact the Commission office for information or assistance, at (808) 586-3775 or