On August 9, 2018, after receiving and reviewing the applications from seven individuals, the State Public Charter School Commission (Commission) moved to appoint the following people to the transitional governing board of Kanuikapono Public Charter School: Darlene Yvonne Pa, Becky Santos, and Jesse Schwartz. This action was the result of concerns pertaining to the constitution of the previous board that were brought to the Commission in July at its general business meetings.

These three individuals have been duly appointed to the Kanuikapono Public Charter School Governing Board by the Commission and will work to transition the school towards sustainable governance.

The Commission Chairperson, Commission staff, and the newly appointed governing board members will meet on Thursday, August 16, 2018. Following this meeting the governing board will conduct its first official governing board meeting. This meeting will be posted on the school’s website and in the school’s office for the public no less than 6-days pursuant to the charter school contract.

The Commission wants to thank the students, staff, faculty, parents, and community partners for your understanding through this transition period. If you have any questions, contact the Commission at info@spcsc.hawaii.gov or 808-586-3775.