At its July 19, 2018 General Meeting, the Commission voted unanimously to reconstitute Kanuikapono Charter School's Governing Board. The approved motion was:

“Move the following Items:

1. The Charter School Commission will reconstitute the school’s Governing Board pursuant to HRS 302D-17(d) by establishing a “Transitional Governing Board,” comprised of 3 members, to keep the school in operation. At least one member should be a member of the last valid governing board.

a) Commission staff will accept applications for new governing board members until the close of business on Aug 2, 2018.

b) Selection of the Transitional Board members will be announced at the Commission meeting on Aug 9, 2018

2. Until a full Governing Board is ready to assume responsibility for the school, the commission staff will:

a) Continue to investigate all current and subsequent allegations about the school’s operations, Governing Board members, and school employees.
b) Suspend distribution of funds to the school at least until the Transitional Board is functional and school leadership and staff identified. The commission staff will provide funds necessary to maintain the operations of the school; all expenditures will require the approval of the commission executive director or his designated staff.

c) Hold all school charge cards and debit cards for safe keeping.”