The Hawaiʻi State Public Charter School Commission today voted to revoke the charter contract for Kaʻu Learning Academy (KLA) due to multiple contract violations. A total of 22 violations, including financial and operational irregularities, enrollment discrepancies, failure to properly maintain student and employee records, and the determination that the charter school’s purported governing board was improperly constituted and did not meet statutory legal requirements.

Additionally, on June 21, the Commission was informed by the Hawaiʻi Department of Education that after completing an investigation of possible test breaches at KLA, the 2017 assessment scores of all students tested at the school cannot be considered valid or trustworthy and will be invalidated.

The decision to revoke the charter contract was rendered during a special hearing that had been requested by the charter school’s purported governing board after the Commission initiated the revocation process in April.

Ka’u Learning Academy opened its doors in 2015 serving students in grades 3-7. The projected student count for the 2018-19 school year was 93. The revocation of the charter contract means the school closes its doors immediately. Closure notifications will be sent to parents, staff and state agencies. The Commission will secure both student and financial records and conduct an inventory of school property. Within 15 days of the closure decision, the Commission will notify the charter contract holder in writing of the closure decision and transmit a copy of the notification to the Board of Education. Within 21 days of the closure decision, the contract holder may file an appeal of the decision to the BOE. The BOE will issue a final decision within 60 calendar days of the filing of the appeal.

The Commission will work closely with the school’s students and their families to assist in the transition for students to their new schools. The Commission will also work closely with the Hawaiʻi Department of Education for any students and their families who wish to transition to a Department Public School.