This calendar represents the Commission’s best effort to provide a comprehensive listing of tasks, deadlines, and other dates important to charter schools in Hawaii for the 2019-2020 school year, as required by charter contact section 10.2, Reporting of Data and School Information. The calendar operates as a “working” calendar, which defaults to today’s date; use the arrow keys (located on the upper left of the calendar) to move the calendar forward or backward.

At the request of the schools, this listing is not limited to requirements resulting from Commission action, but also includes deadlines for reporting information to other state agencies, such as the Department of Health and the Office of Information Practices; and some informational reminders about voluntary actions.

Please be aware that circumstances beyond the Commission’s control may require revisions to these items or additional items. The Commission will be updating the Google calendar as dates are confirmed and if new tasks are requested. Schools will be notified of any changes to the calendar immediately.

Charter schools can receive a list of dates and tasks by utilizing the Agenda tab, located on the upper right hand side of the calendar. First, use the drop-down arrow to open a menu of the calendar sections available and check the calendars that you want information on. Once the calendar sections are chosen, click on Agenda- this will change the calendar into a list of dates and tasks for the calendar sections chosen. [This function replaces the Excel sheet that was previously provided.]

To subscribe to the Master Calendar, please click on the Google Calendar button located on the bottom right of the page. Select calendars that apply to you and add it to your Google calendar account. Click Here for instructions on how to subscribe to the Master Calendar using Outlook 2010, and iCal. Any questions on the calendar can be directed to the Commission's Performance team at