RFP 201401: IT Managed Services -- Questions & Answers

SPCSC is seeking enterprise ITsupport services to help manage its in-house systems, comprising multiple physical and virtual servers, notebook computers, tablets, and various network devices. SPCSC also utilizes on a daily basis hosted systems for its website, compliance management, payroll services, and human resource management. In addition, SPCSC regularly interacts with the Hawaii Department of Education (DOE) and its systems. In order to maintain access and use of these systems, SPCSC may from time to time require technical assistance to identify and resolve conflicts or incompatibilities with these hosted and DOE systems.

1.  What anti-virus and anti-malware software is currently in use on the servers, PCs, and Macs?

ESET NOD 32 Antivirus v4.2.67.10 (licenses are owned by current managed services provider)

Other malware protection varies from PC to PC and may include Lavasoft Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D, Malwarebytes, and CCleaner.

2.  Is VMware the only virtual infrastructure environment in place?


a.  What version of VMware is in use?
VMware ESXi, 4.1.0, 348481
b.  How many virtual server are present, and what versions of OS are they running?

Four (4) Windows Server 2008 R2

One (1) Windows Server 2003 Standard SP2

One (1) Windows XP

3.  What backup system/software is in use on the servers?

Windows Server Backup (for Windows Server 2008)

Windows Backup Utility (Windows Server 2003)

4.  Are there current plans to decommission the Windows XP machines prior to the EOL from Microsoft?

No.  The XP machines are needed for compatibility with some DOE applications. When Win 7/8 clients are available from the DOE and/or DAGS ICSD, the XP machines will be decommissioned.

5.  What make/model router is currently in use?

Cisco 3925 (the router is the property of TW Telecom)

6.  Are the switches, firewall, and access points covered under manufacturer's warranty or support?


7.  Are the servers covered under manufacturer's warranty or support?


8.  Are the PCs and Macs covered under manufacturer's warranty or support?

Ten (10) of the HP notebooks and one (1) MacBook Pro were purchased in the last three months and are still under manufacturer's warranty. The rest of the PCs and Macs are out of warranty.

9.  Is the Drobo SAN covered under manufacturerʻs warranty or support?


10.  What hours and days of operation do you require?

M-F 7am-5pm HST required (6am-6pm desired).

After hours support number/contact information is also desired.

11.  What version of OSX are the Mac runing?

MacBook Pro  10.6.8

MacBook Pro  10.8.5

MacBook Air    10.7.5

MacBook Air    10.9.1

12.  Is the provided SOW currently performed by in-house IT staff or a contractor?


13.  If currently services are being performed by a contractor, what has been your biggest challenge with outsourcing IT services?

Timely issue resolution.

14.  Which of the network devices:


a.  Do not support SNMP (assuming TP-Link TL-SG1024)?

Tandberg Data RDX Quikstor (not an IP device)


b.  Are not manageable (assuming TP-Link TL-SG1024)?

Tandberg Data RDX Quikstor


c.  Have not been configured for management access?

All have been configured for management (except the TP-Link switches and Tandberg Quikstor)

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* The Commission gratefully acknowledges  former Commissioner, Dr. Peter Hanohano, and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs for the translation of the Commission’s name.

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