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Resources on Reporting Crime-Related Incidents

Pursuant to Section 6.8 of the Charter Contract, charter schools are required to adopt policies and procedures to:


(a)     Require a report to appropriate authorities from a teacher, official, or other employee of the School who knows or has reason to believe that an act has been committed or will be committed, which:

(1)     Occurred or will occur on School property during School hours or during activities supervised by the School; and

(2)     Involves crimes relating to arson, assault, burglary, disorderly conduct, dangerous weapons, dangerous drugs, harmful drugs, extortion, firearms, gambling, harassment, intoxicating drugs, marijuana or marijuana concentrate, murder, attempted murder, sexual offenses, rendering a false alarm, criminal property damage, robbery, terroristic threatening, theft, or trespass;

(b)     Establish procedures for disposing of any incident reported; and

(c)     Impose appropriate disciplinary action for failure to report these incidents, including probation, suspension, demotion, and discharge of  School officials.


The following resources provide information on the DOE’s policies and procedures.  However, these resources only provide guidance as charter schools are required to develop their own policies and procedures.


Resources on Ethics and on Fraud Prevention

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