Ke Ana La`ahana Public Charter School


Grades Served: 7-12

School Code: #549

Type of Charter: Start-up

Enrollment Count: 43

These figures represent each school’s August official enrollment count, which include all grades served from kindergarten through grade 12, but do not include preschool. Note: These counts are different from the October 15 enrollment counts, which are used to determine charter schools’ per-pupil allocations.

Enrollment Available: Hawaii


To recognize, nurture, and foster cultural identity and cultural awareness in an environment that has historical connections and lineal linkage to student. Students engage in critical thinking and demonstrate complete mastery of the academia for the future as a result of this educational program that is driven by family, community, and culture.



“Ku I Ka Mana” Like the one from whom he received what he learned. Said of a child who behaves like those who reared him. (Pukui, 1983)

Contact Information

Director: Mapuana Waipa

Governing Board Chair: Patrick Kahawaiola'a


162 Baker Ave.

Hilo, HI 96720





Mailing Address:

Ke Ana La‘ahana PCS

P.O. Box 4997

Hilo, HI 96720



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Past State Public Charter School Contract



Academic Performance

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