Kamaile Academy Public Charter School


Grades Served: PK-12
School Code: #275
Type of Charter: Conversion
Enrollment Count: 858

These figures represent each school’s August official enrollment count, which include all grades served from kindergarten through grade 12, but do not include preschool. Note: These counts are different from the October 15 enrollment counts, which are used to determine charter schools’ per-pupil allocations.

Enrollment Available: Oahu​



“To prepare self-directed, self-aware, college-ready learners who will embrace the challenge of obstacles, experience the pride of perseverance and accomplishment, and demonstrate the strength of ‘ohana and community” 


Rationale: The school community at Kamaile Academy believes that this school must foster in each child, from pre-school through 12th grade, an intrinsic drive toward achievement and betterment, enabling youth to be become self-directed learners. Throughout this process of growth, the school also seeks to instill in each child a self-awareness of her or his own academic, social, emotional, and physical growth. In a community that has experienced years of academic underachievement, college-readiness has become the clear marker by which teachers, staff, and families will measure the school’s success. While all of these are noble goals, there are daunting challenges in the community. Rather than trying to separate the child from this environment, the school looks to develop the ability of students to embrace the obstacles in life as opportunities for growth. In this way, each child experiences the pride that comes with perseverance and eventual success. All the while, Kamaile Academy promotes the strength and support that can be found in family and community. Keeping with the metaphor, the hope is to see students follow the path of the traditional Polynesian navigators—disciplined training, cooperation with a crew, and respect for one’s roots enabling one to cross oceans of great struggle toward new lands of discovery. 



“Where learning leads to endless opportunities and infinite worth” 


Rationale: Situated in what would conventionally be labeled a “high need” and “high risk” community, the school community of Kamaile Academy deliberately chooses to focus on the talents, potential, and culture each of our students possesses. Faculty, staff, families, and community members are bound by the belief that education is the path by which those positive assets of our children will lead to endless opportunities for their future and the realization of each individual’s infinite worth. As the “Home of the Navigators,” Kamaile Academy believes fully that with an appreciation for where they come from, along with the proper training, they can navigate their lives to wherever they want to go. 

Return to Learn Plan SY 2020-21

Contact Information

Principal: Paul Kepka

Governing Board Chair: Blake Parsons

Mailing Address:

85-180 Ala Akau Street

Waianae, HI 96792









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