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This page contains information on the Academic Performance Framework.  Any questions concerning the Academic Performance Framework may be directed to the Performance Team at or 586-3775.  

Reference Materials


Understanding Changes to Strive HI 2015 (8/25/2015)


Hawaii DOE Academic Resources


Reported Academic Data Workshop Resources (5/7/2015)


School-Specific Measures (SSM)


Academic Performance Framework (APF)


Strive HI


Academic Performance Assessment

Proposed Academic Performance Framework

January 17, 2017

The Commission invites feedback and comments on the proposed Academic Performance Framework.  The revised Academic Performance Framework, once finalized, will be incorporated into the new State Public Charter School Contracts.  Feedback can be provided here* through February 7, 2017.  *Feedback period is now closed.

Understanding Strive HI 2015

August 25, 2015

The Hawaii Department of Education ("DOE") Assessment and Accountability Branch discussed changes to the DOE’s Strive HI Performance System.  These changes will apply to the results of both Strive HI and the Commission’s Academic Performance Framework for SY 2015-2016.

The DOE plans to ask the U.S. DOE for an amendment to the changes later this fall and is seeking feedback to inform its amendment request (DOE memo, dated 8/20/2015).  Schools have until Monday 8/31/2015 to submit feedback via: 



Click here to view/download the Powerpoint presentation.
Click here to vew/download the recorded Webex presentation.

Hawaii DOE Academic Resources

Strive HI Dashboard []

This website provides detailed information about school performance on Strive HI, as well as information about student demographics and teacher experience.


Individual school pages break down Strive HI scores and illustrate where schools fall when compared with other DOE and charter schools statewide and the state average.  The website also has a “compare schools” tool that will generate side-by-side comparisons of the data for up to three schools.


Hawaii Growth Model Information []

This page of the DOE’s website provides information and resources that explain growth modeling and median student growth percentiles.


Hawaii Growth Model Visualization Tool []

This tool displays growth percentile data for all DOE and charter schools statewide and allows for a number of comparisons, including by complex, school, grade division, grade level, ethnicity, and many different student subgroups, such as Special Education students, English Language Learners, and disadvantaged students.

Reported Academic Data Workshop

May 7, 2015

The Commission office presented a data workshop for charter schools on Thursday, May 7, 2015 from 1:00p to 2:30p at the Queen Liliuokalani Building boardroom (1390 Miller Street, Honolulu - Room 404).  Registrants also participated remotely via WebEx.


The presentation focused on reviewing the data included in: 


  • The Commission’s Academic Performance Framework (APF); and

  • The Department of Education’s Strive HI Performance System; and

  • Hawaii P-20’s College and Career Readiness Indicators (CCRI).


The goal of this workshop was to help schools understand: 


  • What the reported data represent 

  • Where the reported data come from 

  • What you can do ensure that you have accurate data

  • If possible, how to correct data before they are reported 

  • If possible, how to appeal changes to reported data


Representatives from the Commission office, Department of Education, and Hawaii P-20 were in attendance to answer questions and share information. DOE’s Data Quality Team is available to assist schools with “data error detection.” Hawaii P-20 Partnerships for Education is available to answer questions about the College and Career Readiness Indicators (CCRI) Reports.  


Commission staff is also available to answer questions and meet with individual schools to discuss your data:



You can view or download (right-click) the Webex recording [222MB], and download the Powerpoint presentation and resources from the workshop using the links provided in the "Reference Materials" sidebar on the right.  Please note that the Strive HI appeals memo is from 2014; the DOE should be posting a new memo soon with instructions for 2015.

2014 Academic Performance Assessment Results

November 14, 2014


At the November 14, 2014 Commission General Business Meeting, Commission staff presented the 2014 Academic Performance Assessment Report. This report describes the results from the inaugural Assessment of charter schools under the Academic Performance Framework, which evaluates the academic performance of charter schools. For more information, please contact Academic Performance Manager [vacant momentarily].

Strive HI 2014 Preliminary Results: Charter Schools Report

October 2, 2014

At the September 11, 2014 Commission General Business Meeting, Commission staff presented the Strive HI 2014 Preliminary Results: Charter Schools Report. This report provides charter-specific context and information for analyzing and interpreting recent and past Strive HI Performance System ("Strive HI") data on charter schools. This report is not intended to be comprehensive in nature and uses preliminary Strive HI 2014 results. Some schools had appeals pending with the Department of Education ("DOE”) when this report was published.  For more information, please contact Academic Performance Specialist [vacant momentarily]


Strive HI SY 2013-2014 Results

 August 6, 2014

On Monday, July 28th the DOE released Preliminary 2014 Strive HI Results to schools.  Results have been embargoed by the Hawaii Department of Education (Department) until Monday, August 18, 2014, 4:00 p.m. This preliminary information is for school review only and is not to be released to the public under any circumstances while under the embargo. The Department will officially release the information to the public, permissible under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act guidelines when the embargo is lifted. A list of approximate dates regarding Strive HI results are listed below.


  • July 28th: Release of Preliminary Strive HI Results (through ArchDB)

  • July 30th-August 13th: August Appeals Window

  • August 14th-September 15th: Appeals Processing Window

  • August 18th: Public release of 2014 Strive HI Results, pending appeals noted

  • September 15th: Appeals Final Decision

  • September 18th: Release of Final 2014 Strive HI Results


Please note that this is an estimated timeline; dates are subject to change.

School-Specific Measures

August 6, 2014

On Tuesday, July 22nd Staff conducted an informational webinar regarding School-Specific Measures. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document has been posted addressing the questions from the webinar and other general questions. 


The SY 2014-2015 cycle for submitting School-Specific Measures for Commission approval is open, and all schools must indicate by September 2nd, 2014 whether or not they will participate in School-Specific Measures for the SY 2014-2015 run of the Academic Performance Framework. Details on this task have been uploaded to Epicenter.

Feedback on the Academic Performance Framework

February 25, 2014


This Feedback Form is not longer available.


The process for providing feedback on the current draft of the Academic Performance Framework (APF) is now CLOSED.

Update on Academic Performance Framework and Timeline

February 13, 2014

At the February 13, 2014 General Business meeting, staff updated the Commission on the Academic Performance Framework (APF) and its corresponding timeline. The current version of the Academic Performance Framework reflects revisions based on feedback from the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA), schools, and the Hawaii Public Charter School Network (HPCSN).


The Academic Performance Framework is a tool for evaluation and accountability. After numerous exchanges and drafts with NACSA, staff believes this version of the Academic Performance Framework appropriately assesses the academic performance of charter schools. Staff will continue to investigate measure and metrics that enhance the methods of evaluating academic performance for possible, future revisions to the Academic Performance Framework.


Staff will begin the process of collecting feedback from the schools by way of in-person meetings and webinars. Please review the Academic Performance Framework Development Timeline 1.14.14 for upcoming action items relating to the development of the Academic Performance Framework.

Update on School-Specific Measures (SSMs)

February 13, 2014

At the February 13, 2014 General Business meeting, the Commission approved the adoption of a maximum assigned weight of 25% for School-Specific Measures within the Academic Performance Framework and that the staff determine a minimum state accountability requirement. Only schools meeting this minimum requirement will be eligible for approval of School-Specific Measures with a total weight of 25%.


The Commission also approved a two-tiered weighting system.* The two tiers are identified by their weight: 10% Tier and 25% Tier.


All schools should have received a copy of Margaret Lin’s Making the Mission Matter: A Guidebook for Developing Rigorous Educational Goals and Measures to use in developing their School-Specific Measures (should they choose). A copy can be emailed upon request.


*Requirements and rubric described in the Recommendation Submittal “Action on School-Specific Measures Within Academic Performance Framework Regarding Assigned Weights and Tiered Weighting System,” February 13, 2014. Description: That the Commission adopt a two-tiered weighting system for School-Specific Measures with the requirements and rubric described below.

Strive HI Webinar

October 30, 2013

The following webinar provides details about calculations that informed index scores and classifications under the Strive HI Performance System. To listen to the WebEx recording "Strive HI Index Calculations and School Classifications (Charter Schools)-20131005 0111-1" on October 4, 2013, click the link to play it.


Title: School-Specific Measures Informational Webinar

Date: December 2, 2013


Staff conducted a webinar updating the current status of School-Specific Measures. The Powerpoint presentation can be found here; questions and answers from this webinar has been captured in a FAQ document here

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