Hawaii Public Charter Schools Are:

  • Tuition-Free

  • Open to all Hawaii residents. 

  • Traditional public schools are run by the Hawaiʻi Department of Education. In contrast, public charter schools are run by Governing Boards, under agreements (Charter Contracts) approved by the Hawai'i Public State Public Charter School Commission. Each governing board is responsible for the financial, organizational, and academic viability of their charter school. The governing board determines the organization and management of the school, the curriculum (including whether to offer virtual/blended programs) and ensures that all aspects of the charter school function is in compliance with applicable federal and state laws. Governing boards and the schools they oversee are state entities. 

  • Both traditional and public charter schools are committed to quality education with traditional schools providing a standardized traditional education, while public charter schools have autonomy and the freedom to explore non-traditional and innovative learning methods.

  • Choice means that families can pick choose from our growing portfolio of public charter schools that offer different approaches to learning than a traditional school. 

  • Some employ very structured educational environments, while others focus on language immersion, blended learning, and/or extensive STEM programs.  

  • Public charter schools are started by nonprofits that apply for a charter with the Hawaii Public Charter School Commission. 

  • Although each charter school has a unique mission and vision to meet the academic needs of their community, all public charter schools must demonstrate academic success.

​State Public Charter School Commission


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* The Commission gratefully acknowledges  former Commissioner, Dr. Peter Hanohano, and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs for the translation of the Commission’s name.

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